Anousheh Orumehchi is a jewellery designer specializing in Cloisonné enamel. She was born in Iran and got her degree in graphic design at Sooreh Art University. This gave her the chance to develop her creativity and knowledge to follow her passion for wearable art.

In the years following university, she started to learn clay jewellery techniques. After finishing the course, due to the limitations of the work, she started traditional jewellery making courses which eventually became her profession until she left Iran in 2013. Her passion for jewellery design and love of traveling in her life gave her new perspectives, which led her to learn new skills in the name of cloisonné enamel.

In 2016, after two years of traveling, she settled down in Tbilisi, Georgia, where she started to hone her cloisonné enamel techniques. Her travels in Southeast Asia opened her eyes, and getting acquainted with ethnic hill tribes was a spark for her. In 2016, she designed a clothing collection consisting of very unique hill tribe fabrics, which influenced her jewellery designs as well. Since then, she has started getting inspiration from cultures and nature in her jewellery designs.

The result was her first cloisonné enamel collection, named Persian Garden, which came from inspiration from Gol-o-Morgh (Rose and Nightingale) paintings. Eslimi collections, which were inspired by Eslimi motifs and Persian Eslimi tiles, were the next collections. Innovation in her Eye collection design made it very popular among her followers. For her Blue Wave collection, she got inspired by underwater life. She made her scuba diving memories into a jewellery collection to share the underwater beauty with us.